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for reusable mesh produce bags

Mother Earth Approved

You already take grocery bags with you to the market, so why not take your own produce bags too? Skip the flimsy plastic ones in the produce aisle - you've got stylish Friendly Orchard bags now. :)

Always a Good Idea

Did you know you can wash and store your produce right in the mesh bag? Just rinse your veggies & fruits in the bag, then tuck away in the fridge. The breathable cotton helps extend the life of your produce too! 

Easy Care

Either hand wash bags in cool water, or throw in the machine on gentle cycle. Then lay flat to dry. They may appear to shrink a bit after washing, but don't worry! They stretch out to original size with use. 


Not just for produce.

Our premium reusable produce bags aren't just for produce! Here are a few ideas for other uses;

- Pack a lunch

- Organize small items for travel

- Make a "fun bag" of toys for kids on roadtrips

- Wrap a holiday or hostess gift (great for bottle of wine!)

- Use for collecting rocks, leaves, pinecones, shells or seaglass

- Trick or Treat bags

Friendly Orchard


There when you need them.

Tuck a set of Friendly Orchard reusable produce bags in your bag or car, and you'll always have them handy when it's time to shop, or browse the Farmers Market. 

Friendly Orchard


Green saver.

Extend the life of your leafy greens & herbs (and save some green, too!). 

Dampen a Friendly Orchard reusable produce bag, add your leafy produce, and tuck away in the fridge. Dampen daily, as needed, to keep greens fresh longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Now that you have stylin' produce bags, what to do with all those fruits & veggies? :)

Download our free smoothie ebook. It's filled with yummy recipes that will make you forget you're eating healthy.

Some of the recipes included;

- Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss

- Spiced Pumpkin Pie

- Cinnamon Swirl

- Tropical Delight

Smoothie Recipes | Friendly Orchard

Show us your style.

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